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Online Casino Benefits from Big Upsets

Super Bowl XL is a few weeks away and online casino bettors are already pumped up! Regardless of what happens, this season we are going to have a new champion. For this online casino sports fans have the Denver Broncos to thank, after the Broncos eliminated the Patriots on Saturday. Even though it’s always exciting to see a reigning champion getting dethroned, the biggest upset so far has been the Steelers victory over the Colts. Prior to Sunday’s game, every online casino odds maker on the internet had the Colts as favorites to win the game.

Imagine online casino bookies’ surprise seeing one of the most prolific offenses in the league getting manhandled by the Steelers suffocating defense. The Steelers managed to limit the Colts to scoring just three points by half time. Assuming that the majority of the wagers placed at online casino sites all over the net were in favor of Indy, it’s safe to say that online casinos did quite well for themselves. Bill Cowers and the Steelers had a simple but effective plan – blitz Peyton Manning on each and every possession.

The Steelers are not the first to have come up with the idea. Online casino sports fans may recall that New England also used this scheme to contain the Colts high octane offense. Your heart has to go out to Indianapolis especially Tony Dungy, given the adversity he had to go through this season. However, this season there are no more excuses. The Colts were playing at home inside an indoor stadium where it wasn’t snowing or raining. You work hard all season to establish home court advantage only to lose when it matters most.

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