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Bryant’s Loss is Wade’s Gain at the Online Casino

No online casino sports fan would argue that Shaq was and still is the most dominant force in the league. However, Shaq is no spring chicken. He can’t dominate statistically as he used to in the past. Nonetheless, he doesn’t have to score a point in order to have an effect on the game. onlione casino experts have been saying for years that Shaq’s mere presence makes the game easier for everyone that surrounds him. One of the main beneficiaries from playing alongside Shaq has been Jason Williams. According to online casino odds makers, Jason is having his best season as a pro in terms of shooting percentage. While they were playing together in LA, Kobe wanted to step out of the shadow of Shaq and become the first option on offense.

The only reason why this was an issue was because Bryant made it to be. Online casino analysts predict that had Shaq’s relationship with Bryant resembled the one he now has with Wade, none of this would have come to light and Shaq would still be in LA. Online casino sources point out the fact that in stage of his career Shaq doesn’t mind to step over and let Wade lead the way offensively. Bryant wanted the offense to revolve around him. Wait a second, didn’t it? I clearly recall that Bryant led the Lakers in scoring throughout a number of successive seasons while playing with Shaq. So what was the problem? In a nutshell, Kobe.

The guy has to have all the spotlight on him and he is not willing to share it with anyone. Clearly, this is not the case with Wade, which is why Shaq is letting him have it. Last week against Seattle, Wade showed online casino fans why makes him so different from Bryant. First of all, he doesn’t settle for jump shots. His first instinct is to drive the ball to the basket. Second, the guy is unselfish to a fault. Even though he could score the ball at will, Wade ended up with a triple double scoring 15 points, grabbing 10 rebounds and dishing out a career-high 14 assists.

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