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Online Casino Star in the Making

With the exception of Milwaukee, online casino analysts are inclined to believe that both Atlanta and Utah would have selected Chris Paul instead of allowing him to slide all the way to number four. In his first season as a pro, the guy has proven online casino fans that he is a bonafide star. What impresses online casino sports experts most of all is that he managed to flourish under Byron Scott, who didn’t get a long any of the point guards he has coached thus far. Think about it, Scott continuously bumped heads with Stephon Marbury while the two were together in New Jersey. The next to come was Jason Kidd who has had his share of disagreements with Scott, which ultimately led to Scott’s firing.

Apparently, Scott has learned some lessons which he implemented in New Orleans. Last season, online casino sports fans saw Scott guiding Dan Dicau to his finest season as a pro. This season, it appears that the same formula has worked wonders also for Chris Paul. It doesn’t hurt that the guy has some mad skills. Paul is relentless on and off the ball. Online casino bookies like to compare him to a quicker version of Baron Davis who defends better and doesn’t settle for the outside shot. Online casino news sources are reporting that Paul may get an invitation to play for Team USA Basketball.

Considering their young roster and having to play in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it’s remarkable that the Hornets are only 2 games under .500. As it stands now, online casino odds makers regard Scott as the leading candidate to win the coach of the year award. If Scott actually wins the award, it’s likely that Paul would win rookie of the year.

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