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Scottish Online Casino Attracting All Nationalities

A Scottish online casino was recently opened to cater for Scots that like to wager on soccer. The online casino, however, is attracting visitors from the UK and other countries that enjoy sports gambling. Scotland’s first dedicated online casino sports gambling site has been making not only the Scots happy, but many Britons as well. It is reported that Britons have been flocking to visit the online casino site since it went live, and these ‘foreigners’ are winning over £10,000 a day. The Britons have clearly discovered the Scottish online casino and have been made aware of its big payout opportunities.

The Scottish online casino site was launched with the intention of being a ‘venue hall’ for Scots to wager on sports. The Scottish online casino is as Scottish as it comes. The site features the voice of Edinburgh’s Peter Russell who is the 2004 Scottish Bingo Caller of the Year. It also offers Scottish chat and humor through the moderation of the chat rooms on the site. The online casino has been particularly popular with the British over the festive season, and the site owners are wondering if this is just a phase or whether the foreign interest will continue in the coming year.

The online casino also features three bingo halls, allowing the player a choice of where to play and who to play against. Like other online casinos which offer bingo as one of the games, with slot machines and poker often taking up center stage, this online casino is very focused only on bingo and (ideally) only on Scots.

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