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Bryant Tears Triangle at the Online Casino

Throw away the triangle and just pass the ball to Kobe. Many online casino sports fans must be wondering why the Lakers don’t do that more often. It appears that all the Lakers needed in order to win was for Bryant to score more than 40 points a game. In the past three games, Bryant has been on a tear scoring 48, 50 and 45 while leading LA to three straight wins. Some online casino experts believe that Phil Jackson is overrated as a coach. Bryant’s latest display just reinforces this claim even more.

Every online casino sports fan on the planet has come to the realization that the triangle offense needs a superstar scorer in order to work. Jackson has been blessed over the years having coached Michael Jordan, Scottie, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’neal. Some coaches don’t get to coach one superstar in their entire career. Jackson got to coach three of them. For months online casino odds makers speculated whether or not Jackson would return to LA. The fact that he did had a lot to do with the fact that he needed a superstar scorer to anchor his offense.

Tonight the Lakers are scheduled to go against a familiar foe in the form of the Portland Trail Blazers. Bodog online casino has the Lakers as 5.5 points favorites to win the game. The way Bryant is playing and the considering the poor condition the Blazers are in, it appears very likely that the Lakers will be able to cover the spread set by the online casino odds makers.

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