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Online Casino Examines Nets Resurgence

The New Jersey Nets were one game under .500 at the end of November with a 7-8 record. Their dismal start led online casino sports analysts to question whether the Nets will even make it to the playoffs. Laurence Frank’s team responded to the challenge and won 10 out of the 14 games played in December. According to online casino news sources, the Nets are the hottest teams in the league, currently riding a 10-game winning streak. How were the Nets able to turn things around?

Online casino experts attribute the Nets resurgence to the fact that they got back to what they are doing best, which is the running game. With players who excel in the open court such as Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter, you would be crazy not to. Vince Carter has been the biggest reason for New Jersey’s turnaround. After opening the season a bit sluggishly, Carter has elevated his level of play back to the same level it was last season when he first joined the Nets. During their current winning streak, Vince Carter led the team in scoring in all but one game.

Tonight the Nets will be playing in San Antonio against the Spurs who recently got Manu Ginobili back from injury. Online casino bettors will have a chance to beat on whether or not the Nets will remain undefeated after tonight. As of this moment all the premier online casino bookmakers have yet to post their odds for the game. It’s likely that online casino odds makers will side with the Spurs as the favorite to win the game, for the simple fact that they are playing at the SBC center where they are extremely difficult to beat.

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