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Online Casino Contemplates Gooden’s Future with Cavs

In his forth year in the league, online casino sports experts say that Drew Gooden is so far having his finest season as a pro. Gooden is averaging 11 points and 8 rebounds per game. Even though his personal statistics are somewhat off compared to previous seasons, online casino analysts believe that Gooden looks more focused and more team oriented. Gooden is a classic tweener; on the one hand, he is not strong enough to fend off the likes of Kevin Garnett and Amare Stoudamire (but then again not many power forwards can). On the other hand his perimeter game doesn’t allow him to play on the perimeter as a three.

Online casino news sources report that Gooden will become an unrestricted free agent that at the end of the season. Based on his performance this season, online casino odds makers believe that should able to command a contact consisting of the midlevel exception. The question that’s on the mind of online casino bookmakers is will the Cavs be willing to match such an offer? Gooden has a lot of upside. He is already one of the beast rebounders in the league. Once his offense catches up with his defense, he will be able to justify being selected with the fourth pick of the draft.

The Cavs spent as lot of money this offseason in retooling LeBron’s supporting cast. Will they be willing to invest an additional $40 million in Gooden? Online casino sports analysts expect the Cavaliers to make up their minds about Gooden by the trade deadline. If they don’t see Gooden as the future at the power forward position, the Cavs will seriously consider dealing him for a manageable contract. Getting lesser value would mean taking a step back for Cleveland. This will end up hurting the Cavs chances of positioning themselves as one of the top four teams in the Eastern Conference.

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