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Not Your Average Online Casino Rookie

Online casino bettors have come to learn that Sarunas Jasikevicius is the not your average rookie. Jasikevicius played college ball at Maryland, after which he left for Europe. For the past three years, Jasikevicius has taken over European basketball winning three straight Euroleague titles.

This year, online casino fans were surprised to see Jasikevicius start at the two guard position for the Indiana Pacers

This year, online casino fans were surprised to see Jasikevicius start at the two guard position for the Indiana Pacers. Even though he is capable of playing both backcourt positions, Jasikevicius is at his best when playing the point.

A couple of weeks ago, Larry Bird, the Pacers GM and the man responsible for recruiting Jasikevicius, interviewed on the subject of Jasikevicius and the state of the league today. In the interview, Bird surprised many online casino odds makers by commenting that he prefers the European game over the NBA. Bird said that the European game has a better flow since there aren’t as many timeouts, and the game is less conservative. According to online casino news sources Bird likes the fact that European big men know how to control the ball pass it and shoot from the outside.

In Europe, there is bigger emphasis on team game and less on one-on-one. The NBA game is too conservative (other than Phoenix) in the sense that there is less passing and the ball is thrown to the big man in the post while others are trying to cut to the basket. Online casino fans were somewhat surprised to hear these words from Bird, of all people. The style of play he describe as being too conventional is exactly the one being played by the Pacers. Could it be the Bird is trying to send Carlisle a message?

Jasikevicius thrives in the open court and so does other players such as Stephen Jackson and Fred Jones. There is no denying that Carlisle is one of the best coaches in the league. However, a great coach knows how to fit the system he is running to the type of players he has on the team.

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