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Online Casino Has Motown Celebrating Come July

Bodog Online Casino has recently updated the odds given to each team for winning the 2006 NBA championship. Not surprisingly, the team with the best shot of winning the title is also the team with the best record – the Detroit Pistons. The online casino is giving the Pistons 5/4 odds, meaning that you stand to win $5 for every $4 you wager in case Detroit wins the title. The team that is ranked second by the online casino odds makers is San Antonio Spurs with 3/2. When the season opened a couple of moths ago, the online casino had the Spurs ranked in front of the Pistons and the rest of the league.

The third ranked team according to the online casino is the Miami Heat with 7/2 odds of wining the whole thing. With Shaq back in the starting lineup, this is a whole new Heat team. If both Shaq and Wade remain health in the playoffs, the Heat will give the Pistons a run for their money. The last time these two teams met in the playoff it ended in a game 7 victory of the Pistons. This year, the Heat will look to even the score and give the Pistons a taste from their own medicine.

A team that nobody talks about is the Phoenix suns. The online casino has them at number four with 10/1 shot to win the title. The Suns have adjusted to life without Amare Stoudamire and they’re playing the same type of run and gun basketball they did last season. Just imagine how good they’ll be when he gets back. Coming in at number five are the Dallas Mavericks with 11/1 odds. Online casino bookmakers rank Dallas as the second best team in the entire western conference.

When the season started you would have been hard pressed to find one online casino odds maker regarding the Mavs as title contender. Avery Johnson’s team has so far surpassed all expectations.

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