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Online Casino Discusses Watson for Richardson Swap

Denver needs a wind player and New York needs a backup point guard. Sounds like a match made in heaven – or should I say at the online casino. Various online casino news sources have reported that the Knicks have been trying to move Quentin Richardson for quite some time now and the Nuggets have been dying to get rid of Earl Watson and his overpriced contract. Undesirable contracts have been the forte of Isiah Thomas who goes out of his way, trying to accumulate as many as he can. Just the other week, online casino news sources reported that the Knicks were seriously contemplating trading Penny’s expiring contract for Jalen Rose’s. Why would you want to do that?

As far as overpriced contracts go, you can do a lot worse than Watson. The guy is a decent backup point guard in the mold of Erick Snow. Unlike Snow who can’t shoot a lick, this guy has improved his outside shot and can hit the 3-ball with consistency. Online casino experts clam that a straight up swap of Watson for Richardson doesn’t mach up numbers wise, since the salaries don’t match. In order to complete the deal New York would have to take on an additional player or two from the Nuggets.

Richardson could turn out to be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Nuggets. Online casino fans must not forget that this guy led the league in 3-points field goals last season with the Suns. Denver’s weak spot is outside shooting. They have had a glaring hole at the shooting guard position ever since Voshon Lennard went down with an injury a year ago. As far as NY, Larry Brown would love to have someone like Wason on the roster. In fact, Brown might even start him over Stephon.

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