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Online Casino Sparks Marbury Discussions

For weeks, online casino news sources have been reporting that Larry Brown has complained that he doesn’t have the right point guard to run his offense. True point guards are a rare commodity in the NBA. In the eyes of online casino sports experts, Stephon Marbury doest fall into the category of a true point guard. Nevertheless, he is pretty darn good. The last couple of games, Marbury averaged impressive numbers. He scored 23 points and dished out 12 assists against the bucks, while topping it with 32 points and 10 assists against the Suns three nights later.

Online casino experts claim that he never led a team to anything. After his three year saint in Minnesota, Marbury got himself traded to New Jersey after claiming that he would not resign with the Wolves once he become a free agent. The Garden State proved to be a wrong fit for Marbury who never could get the Nets going in the right direction. Once Rodd Thorn assumed office as the Nets VP of basketball operations, his first order of priority was to move Marbury as soon as possible.

Thorn struck a deal with Phoenix for Jason Kidd. In his first two seasons with the Nets, Kidd led them to two back-to-back finals appearances. Online casino analysts used the new found success of the Nets to criticize Marbury, saying that the Nets would not have accomplished these things had Marbury stayed with the team. Online casino sports reporters overlooked the fact that while the Nets were making these title runs, Kidd had a healthy Kenyon Martin and Kerry Kittles at his side in addition to Richard Jefferson.

Last season one reporter asked Stephon if he regards himself as the best point guard in the NBA, to which Marbury replied “Yes”. Online casino sports experts had a field day with this one, claiming that Marbury overestimates his abilities. What was he supposed to say, “No”? Regardless of the sport you are playing, every professional athlete needs to go out on the court thinking that he is the best player around. Marbury said the only think he could have.

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