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Online Casino Says Cavs Redd with Envy

Akron native Michael Redd and the Bucks will match up against the Cleveland Cavilers in Milwaukee. As online casino fans might recall, Cleveland was one of the teams that perused Redd heavily in the offseason. Online casino sports sources report that it came down to a decision between the Cavs and the Bucks, which ended up being in favor of Milwaukee. At the end of the day, the Bucks were offering more money. Plus, in Milwaukee Redd is not playing second fiddle to anyone. Had he gone to Cleveland, Redd would have been the second option behind LeBron James.

After Redd opted to stay in Milwaukee, Danny Ferry set his sights on Larry Hughes. Cleveland ended overpaying to get Hughes, and some online casino sports experts claim that hasn’t lived up to expectations thus far. As the two teams square off tonight, online casino fans will get a chance to see Hughes going head to head versus Redd. There is a lot of pressure on Hughes’ shoulders. He needs to prove to Cleveland’s fans that the Cavs have made the right decision by bringing him aboard.

Even though he is not the prolific scorer Redd is, Hughes has one thing going for him – his defense. Hughes was and still is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. Online casino odds makers are going with the rod team on this one, as they have declared the Cavs as favorites to win the game. Online casino handicappers have set the line to 2.5 points in favor of Cleveland, meaning that in order to make good on your online casino bet, you need for them to beat the Bucks by a margin of more than 2 points.

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