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Online Casino Slam Dunk

Betting on the point spread at the online casino, it doesn’t matter if your team wins – all that matters is the margin in which it won. Tonight, there are a couple of games that seemingly look like a sure thing – a slam dunk if you will. The first one features the Blazers who are set to go against the Mavericks in Dallas. Online casino odds makers have set the betting line at 12 points in favor of the Mavs. Be mindful that betting on Dallas at the online casino means that you are wagering that they’ll be able to cover the spread. This means that they will have to beat the Blazers by more than 12 points in order for you to win the bet.

Alternatively, betting on the Blazers at the online casino means that you are wagering that the Mavs won’t be able to cover the spread. This can be accomplished in one of two scenarios: either the Mavs win by less than 12 points, or Portland wins. Much like in life, there are no certainties at the online casino. Any team can lose on a given day, which is what makes online casino gambling so exciting. Take the Spurs for example; they lost to the Hornets last month in a game that every online casino bookmaker had them as favorites.

Another game that appears like a slam dunk on the surface is the one between the Magic who are playing at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit. Since Hill’s return, the Magic have been playing much better. However, is it enough to beat the Pistons at home? Online casino odds makers don’t think so, which is why they set the spread at 11.5 points in favor of the home team. Remember, a Piston’s win does not necessarily mean that you have won the wager. In order to do that, Detroit needs to beat Orlando by more than 11 points.

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