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Online Casino Continues to Monitor Pacers’ Situation

Unless the Pacers are going to receive an outlandish offer which they can’t refuse, online casino analysts expect them to move Artest to either the Timberwolves, Nuggets or Golden State. Online casino sports fans should pay attention to the fact that all of these teams reside in the west cost. It appears that the Pacers prefer sending Ron to the western conference where they won’t cross path often. Online casino experts have named Minnesota as one of the more likely destinations for Artest. The Wolves can offer an attractive package consisting of expiring contracts, young layers and future draft picks.

Michael Olowokandi’s contract expires at the end of the season. Also the Wolves can throw in a young talent such as Rashad McCants and a couple of future draft picks. Another likely destination according to online casino analysts is Denver who would probably have to involve a third team to make the deal happen. As it stands now, the Nuggets don’t have anything that the Pacers might mind attractive other than Carmelo Anthony, who is off limits. Had Nene been healthy, online casino odds makers estimate that the Nuggets could have swung a deal without having to involve a third team.

Al Harrington’s name keeps pooping up in connection to any trade involving the Nuggets. Online casino bettors surly remember that the Pacers moved Harrington to Atlanta. Now it appears that the Pacers would like to have him back. The third team mentioned by online casino sports experts is the Golden State Warriors. Everyone on the Warriors roster is pretty much available other than Baron Davis and Jason Richardson. Larry Bird would probably like to add a player like Mike Dunleavy. Bird loves smart players that know how to pass and Dunleavy could use a fresh start so it might work out for both teams.

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