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It’s kind of funny to see how leaving Portland can resurrect someone’s career. Rasheed Wallace left Portland a couple of seasons in a trade that sent him to Atlanta who then moved him to Detroit. For the past couple of years, online casino fans have seen how Wallace has blossomed into one of the best power forwards in the league. While he was with the Blazers, all that online casino handicappers talked about was his volatile temper and technical fouls. With the Blazer, Wallace was known as an actual bad boy in a negative sense. Online casino bettors have seen how all of that changed when he became a bad boy – that is a member of the Pistons.

If you ask online casino oddsmakers, his current teammates and the media in Detroit, they’ll tell you that nothing could be further than the truth. Wallace is adored by the coaching staff, his teammate and online casino sports fans all over the world. It’s amazing what a difference a change in scenery can make. The change in scenery has also proven as beneficial for Wallace’s old teammate, Damon Stoudamire. Selected by Isiah Thomas (who then served as the Raptors GM) with the 6th pick of the draft, Stoudamire earned rookie of the year honors. After 3 years in Toronto, Stoudamire orchestrated a trade that sent him to Portland in return for Kenny Anderson.

Yesterday, Stoudamire returned to Portland for the first time since signing as a free agent with the Memphis Grizzlies. After years of hearing his name mentioned in almost every other trade scenario, Damon finally got the last laugh beating his old team to the tune of 93-90. Stoudamire is on rout to having one of his best seasons as a pro. He is averaging nearly 12 points and 5 assists per game, while playing an instrumental role in the Grizzlies 18-10 start. He probably wishes he left Portland years ago.

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