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Online Casino Triple Double Man

With Indiana taking a step back with everything that has been happening lately, Cleveland has asserted itself in the eyes of online casino odds makers as the third best team in the east. Online casino sites currently rank the Cavaliers behind Detroit and Miami. Online casino fans will get a chance to check out the Cavs up-close tonight, as they host the number one ranked team not only in the east, but in the entire league, the Detroit Pistons. As opposed to the Pistons, the Cavs are anything but balanced offensively. Online casino oddsmakers are puzzled from Mike Brown’s insistence on starting Eric Snow at the point guard position, which is disrupting the Cavs offensive flow.

I don’t mean to rag on the guy, but other than playing defense the guy doesn’t bring anything else to the table. His ball handling skill leaves a lot to be desired and don’t even get me started on his jump shot. The guy can’t make a shot to save his life, allowing the opposing defense to leave him in order to help on LeBron. Snow’s inability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates makes it more difficult for LeBron to play off the ball. Online casino analysts suggest that maybe he shouldn’t; at least until they find a more suitable point guard than Snow. Online casino analysts claim that the Cavs are at their best when LeBron runs the offense.

It doesn’t do the Cavs much good if James scores 40 and they still lose. James wouldn’t mind sacrificing his personal states just so that his tam wins. That is what makes him so special! Watching the Cavs playing against the Pacers last Friday, whenever Snow sat down and LeBron played at the point the Cavs looked better. James finished the game with a near triple-double, scoring 14 points along with 9 assists and 8 rebounds. If he start running the point on a permanent basis, this guy has the potential to be the first player since Oscar Robertson to average a triple double for the whole season.

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