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One’s Loss is the Other’s Gain at the Online Casino

If Kevin O’Connor and Billy Knight (who serve as general managers for the Jazz and Hawks respectively) could go 5 months back in time and select someone else in the draft, who would it be? Online casino sports fans don’t have to think long about this one, given that Chris Paul is the obvious answer. According to online casino bookmakers, CP3 is on route to win the Rookie of the Year award, averaging 17 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists per contest. Hornets’ fans can’t thank Knight and O’Connor enough for letting Paul slide to the fourth pick.

Knight opted to take Marvin Williams with the second pick of the draft, disregarding the Hawks gaping hole at point guard. Can you imagine a backcourt of Joe Johnson and Paul? Even though it’s still way too early to label Williams as a bust, online casino experts wonder what the thinking behind that selection was. Williams was pegged as a four while every online casino novice could tell that he clearly has the physic of a three. Why would you take on another small forward, don’t the Hawks have enough of those? Williams is averaging 22 minutes a game playing behind Al Harrington and Josh Smith.

O’Connor picked Deron Williams with the third pick of the draft over Paul. There were more than just basketball considerations dictating that pick. You see, the Jazz only bring in players they think can adjust to living in Sault Lake City. O’Connor must have felt that Williams would adapt better to living in the midst of the Mormon community in Utah than Paul. Atlanta’s and Utah’s loss is the Hornets’ gain.

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