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Ronny Sweepstakes Continues at the Online Casino

As the Artest watch at Online Casino Archives reaches the conclusion of its third week, most of the teams in the league have already contacted Donny Walsh and made their pitch. You will not be doing your job as a general manager if you don’t explore the option of acquiring Ronny at the very least. His issues aside, the guy is a top 10-15 talent. Online Casino Archives has been informed of a new name recently added to the Artest sweepstakes, the Toronto Raptors. At the end of the season, Chris Bosh turns into an unrestricted free agent and Toronto is aware of the fact that teams will be throwing max dollars at his direction.

The Raptors are in horrible fiscal condition, which is why online casinos handicappers estimate that they won’t match outlandish offers for Bosh. After all, Toronto is a small market which makes them undesirable in the eyes of free agents. Another thing that is working against the Raptors is the higher income tax in Canada which is higher than in the US. This means that Bosh has a chance to make more elsewhere even if the money is the same. Online casino bookmakers estimate that these considerations might prompt the Raptors to move Bosh now instead of waiting to the offseason.

Online casino odds makers have been impressed by the way Charlie Villanueva has been playing so far this season, which has turned Bosh somewhat expendable. Bosh is averaging 22 points and nearly 10 rebounds, while playing 38 per game. In his rookie season, Villanueva is averaging 12 points and 5 rebounds in 26 minutes of play. The Raptors will rather hold on to Villanueva given his potential and the fact that he is under contract for the next 3 seasons. Paring up O’Neal and Bosh in the same front line, brings shivers up the spine of online casino sports fans everywhere.

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