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In what may online casino sports fans assumed would be a preview of this year’s finals series, the San Antonio Spurs will play host to the Indiana Pacers. So far, both teams haven’t exactly lived up to expectations of online casino fans. Despite boasting a record of 21-7, the Spurs managed to get blown out the other day at Detroit. On the other hand, the Pacers have been even less impressive, sporting a record of 15-10. Obviously, there are extenuating circumstances. Both teams are missing one of their star players. The Spurs are missing Manu Ginobili who is out with an injury.

The Pacers are arriving to tonight’s game without Ron Artest who as we all know is currently on the trading block. Online casino bookmakers have surly taken into consideration that it’s extremely hard to beat the Spurs at the SBC center, where they have lost only once since the start of the season. This is mainly why online casino odds makers are going with San Antonio on this one, setting the spread to 7.5 points. On top of having home court advantage, San Antonio has a much deeper bench than Indiana. The Spurs have the luxury of bringing the likes of Brent Berry and Michael Finely off the bench.

The only bright spot off the bench for the Pacers has been the play of Fred Jones. The guy has finally come to his own, developing a perimeter game to complement his athletic ability. San Antonio marks the end of Indiana’s road trip in which the Pacers dropped two games in a row to Dallas and Cleveland. The Spurs aren’t doing so well themselves, losing three out of their last five games. Despite that online casino handicappers seem convinced they will be able to take care of business tonight at home.

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