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Online Casino Previews Battle of the Hudson

Online casino bookmakers are buzzing with excitement as New Jersey and New York face off against each other later on tonight. It’s always interesting whenever these cross-rival teams meet, and over the years the two have managed to establish quite a rivalry. For years, online casino sports fans have been accustomed to see the Knicks at the leading team in the Tri-State area. However, all of this has changed when Jason Kidd got traded to the Nets, leading them to two straight finals appearances. For the past four seasons, the Nets have been regarded as the better of the two.

Today’s online casino game marks the first time that the two teams meet in the regular season. The previous time the teams have met was in preseason, where the Nets defeated the Knicks in front of their home crowd at Madison Square Garden. Today, the Knicks will have a chance to redeem themselves and start the process of reasserting themselves once again as the better team. New York ended a 7-game losing streak on Friday with a win over the Utah Jazz. Larry Brown will be looking to build on that win, capitalizing on the much improved Jamal Crawford.

The Nets on the other hand are the online casino odds on favorites to win the game tonight. Online casino odds makers give New Jersey a spread of 4.5 points. Unlike the Knicks, the Nets are riding a 5-game winning streak with wins over Denver, Golden State, LA Clippers, Orlando and Miami. If the Knicks get their act together on defense, they’ll be able to fuel their offense, which can be quite potent at times.

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