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Artest Watch Reaches Week 3 at the Online Casino

Online Casino Archives has been following the latest Artest drama as it unfolds. So far, online casino sites have been taking bets on whether or not the Indiana Pacers will trade Ron Artest. Over the past week it became apparent that it’s more of a question of when than if they move him. As the drama reaches week 3, the Pacers seem determined to move ahead and cut their losses while Artest still has value. Some of the possibilities mentioned at online casino sports sites include, the Sonics, Warriors, and Nuggets. One of the teams to have joined the race over the weekend is the Clippers.

According to online casino sports sources, the Clippers have some nice pieces that the Pacers might covet. A package of Chris Wilcox and Corey Maggette could seal the deal. However, with Maggette out for at least a few weeks, the Pacers will be hesitant to pull the trigger. Plus, Online Casino Archives hears that the Clippers don’t want to give up Maggette in any potential deal for Artest, which puts the kybosh on that option. Another interesting option is the Warriors that have plenty of young assets that they can throw in. A deal for Artest for Mike Dunlevy and Ike Diogu could work. We also hear that the Pacers might be interested in Seattle’s big man Nick Collison.

According to online casino news sources, the Sonics regard Collison is off limits. However, when push comes to shove I believe that he Pacers will be able to convince the Sonics to include him. The Sonics already have Lewis at the small forward position and Ray Allen at shooting guard, so they are pretty much set at the wings. Artest is a rare physical specimen that could also be used as a power forward, the same way the Suns use Marion. If this deal actually pans out, the Pacers will finally get to fill their huge hole at center, which hasn’t been filled ever since Brad Miller was traded to Sacramento.

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