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Online Casino Fans Waiting For Other Shoe to Drop

As far as the Grizzlies are concerned, online casino bettors are waiting for the other shoe to drop. So far, it hasn’t happened and it doesn’t seem like its going to. Something has got to give! Online casino handicappers are puzzled by how good the Grizzlies are. They don’t have a starting center; they have an over the heel point guard in Damon Stoudamire and an aging shooting guard in Eddie Jones. So how exactly are they doing it? The answer is teamwork. Pau Gasol has stepped up his level of play a couple of notches and so have Shane Battier. Gasol has finally filled up his 7-1 frame and now he can literally play as Bonafied center.

Battier on the other hand has also been impressing online casino oddsmakers ever since the start of the season. The guy has a deft shooting touch from the outside and he is relentless on the defense of end, providing the Grizzlies with hustle plays. Don’t let anyone tell you differently; nobody saw the Grizzlies as a potential playoffs team, not even the most experience online casino handicapper. If the Grizzlies maintain this level of play throughout the season, than Mike Fratello is a slam dunk to win Coach of the Year.

As we cross the halfway mark, online casino sites will start offering odds on the candidates to win the Coach of the Year award. If the Grizzlies will still be in the playoffs picture by than, then Fratello would be a smart bet to make at the online casino. Last week, Memphis went head to head with the Detroit Pistons who needed two overtimes to the Grizzlies away. Even though they lost, the fact that the Grizzlies are able to stand toe to toe with the upper echelon teams in the league is a testament to the great job West and Fratello are doing there.

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