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Tree-Way Seems Most Likely Online Casino Trade Scenario

Nothing is juicer than a trade rumor that involves a top-tier player. Online Casino Archives has been following the Ron Artest saga closely ever since it broke loose last week. This week Online Casino Archives can report that the Pacers are actively seeking a trade for the disgruntled star. It has come to our attention that there are currently three trade scenarios, although none seems too realistic. The first trade scenario discussed at online casino spots sites suggests that the Pacers would send Artest to Sacramento for Bonzi Wells & Kevin Martin. Salaries-wise it matches and it’s no secret that Jermain Oneal would love to see his old pal Wells wearing a Pacers uniform.

Would the Indiana actually consummate such a trade just in order to appease its star player? Setting his problems aside, Artest is no chump change. Online casino sports experts consider the guy as the best defensive player in the league and for the Pacers to agree to such a trade would be lunacy no matter how desperate they are to move Artest. The second scenario being tossed around online casino sportsbooks these days is that the Pacers would like to get Al Harrington back from the Atlanta Hawks.

Even though a straight up trade of Artest for Harrington would work cap wise, online casino odds makers seriously doubt it that the Hawks would take on Artest given that they already have a couple of young and promising small forwards in Josh Smith and the second pick in the draft Marvin Williams. In order to make this swap work they would have to include a third team like Denver. The Nuggets are extremely interested in Artest. They would surly be willing to send Earl Watson to the Hawks while they get Artest and Indiana gets Harrington.

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