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Online Casino Follows New LA Saga

Most online casino sports fans would agree that Bryant sitting the whole forth quarter the other night against Dallas overshadowed his unbelievable scoring effort of 62 points. In fact, now that the dust has settled, this pretty much every online casino bookmaker concerned with. Why do you think Phil Jackson chose to bench him for the entire forth quarter, thus preventing Bryant from surpassing Michael Jordan with 69 points and David Robinson with 71 points. Online casino odds makers believe that he might have tried to send Bryant a message? In all actuality Bryant hasn’t exactly been poster boy for team play. Even though the guy is making an effort to pass the ball more, he still has trouble trusting his teammates in crunch time.

Isn’t it a little unfair for online casino bettors to blame Bryant as unselfish for wanting to take the game on his shoulders in the clutch? It’s not like he hasn’t delivered. I believe that most online casino handicappers would agree that the guy is one of the best clutch players in the league. Over the course of the past couple of seasons the guy has hit more winning baskets than any other player in the NBA. How is he different from Jordan and Bird who also liked to take the final shot? The difference is that these two guys make an effort during games to get their teammates involved. Bird was one of the best is not the best passer to have ever played the small forward position.

Michael was not as brilliant of a passer as Bird was. However, he was able to put his teammates in a position where they could score. How else would Bill Cartwright have been able to score in double figures? Phil could be trying to school Bryant by depriving him of any records. After the game was over, both said that the decision to site Bryant was mutual. Anyone with half a brain is able to see through that. Can anyone imagine for one minute that Bryant would actually rather sit on the bench than play.

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