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Online Casino Picks SA over NY

It appears that online casino odds makers have cooled off on the Spurs in the last week. The Spurs are usually the heavy favorites to win which results in online casino handicappers setting the point spread in their favor. When the season started, many bettors were surprised to see how high that point spread was set. What they failed to understand was that online casino sports sites had to have set it higher in order to even out the bets received on both teams. The Spurs have lost their last two games. The funny thing is that they lost to two inferior teams (with all do respect to the Hornets and the Kings).

Their current slump leads online casino odds makers to believe that San Antonio is in the midst of a slump. Every team goes through a period when losing steak at one time or the other during the season so what makes the Spurs so special. The reason why online casino odds makers have made such a big deal out of it is because this is the first time that San Antonio lost more than one game in a row this season. The Spurs are playing the Knicks later on tonight in Madison Square Garden.

Even though they are playing on the road, online casino handicappers predict that the Spurs will come out of their current slump against New York. At this moment the betting line available at the online casino indicates that the point spread was set to 5 points in favor of the Spurs. Had the Spurs not dropped two games in a row, it is safe to imagine that the point spread would have been set much higher.

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