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Artest Takes Center Stage at the Online Casino

After making his wishes of being traded from the Pacers public last week, it seems that Ron Artest had a sudden change of heart. According to online casino news sources, Artest now wishes to remain a part of the Indiana Pacers. The question now is do the Pacers still want him? Online casino bookmakers have been following developments in the on-going Artest saga with great interest. Artest being out of the lineup affects the online casino betting line. The Pacers without Ron Artest are a different team. They are not as imposing on defense and they are left without a viable second option on the offensive end.

Many online casino handicappers overlook the fact that aside from being the best defense of player in the entire league, Artest is also an offensive asset. He represents the complete package (other than the mental aspect), which is why so many GM’s can’t wait to get their hands on him. Even though Artest retracted his trade demand, online casino news sources report that the Pacers seem settled on moving him as soon as possible. Obviously, they are not going to short change themselves by accepting a lesser deal. However, they also should accept the fact that they are not going to receive equal value.

There is no denying that he is one of the most talented and physically gifted players in the league. However, his can be quite a hand full. Only a special kind of coach such as Larry Brown or Phil Jackson can get Artest back on the right track and command his attention. Bodog online casino has published odds on whether or not Artest will get to finish out the season as a Pacer. The online casino gives +135 odds of Artest being traded, while the option of him not getting traded receives -175 odds.

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