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Online Casino Dispels Grizzlies Devouring Pistons

The team from the motor city is scheduled to play at Memphis later tonight, one of today’s most exciting online casino sports match ups. Despite all the strides that the Grizzlies have made this season, online casino bookmakers favor the Pistons. The Grizzlies have lost 3 of the last 4 games, losing to Dallas, Indiana and Lakers before beating the Suns at home. Some online casino odds makers believe that the reason for the Grizzlies surprising record of 14-8 is the fact that they have had a relatively easy schedule so far.

Their latest losing streak has done nothing to dispel this notion as online casino handicappers saw them losing three games to quality teams. The Pistons on the other hand arrive to tonight’s game after wining 3 of their last 4 games. The team has been on a tear since the season opened and there are no signs that they are going to slow down anytime soon. Their current win streak consists of low-level teams such as Sacramento, Chicago and Charlotte.

Online casino odds makers give the Pistons a 4 point edge in tonight’s game. With their suffocating defense and new high octane offense the Pistons should have no problems covering the point spread. The Grizzlies only chance to win is to impose a run and gun style of play. So far this season, the teams that have been able to beat the Pistons constantly ran the ball.

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