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Online Casino Offers Odds on Riley’s Heat

You’ve got to give online casino sports sites a lot of credit for ingenuity. Pat Riley has been with the Heat for a grand total of 4 games, and already online casino bookmakers are offering odds on how well he’ll perform at his new/old job as the team’s head coach. Riley assumed coaching responsibilities after his old friend and long time assistant, Stan Van Gundy, resigned from the job last week. So far, Riley has a track record of 3-1 with wins over Chicago, Milwaukee and Philadelphia. Riley’s only loss came yesterday at Cleveland. With Shaq back, the Heat are again serious contenders in the east.

One of the online casino sites offering odds on Riley’s job performance is Bodog. The online casino features several betting options. You don’t have to be an online casino sports expert to estimate that there is a pretty big chance that the Heat are going to make it into the playoffs. Even though it’s a long shot that they don’t, the online casino offers the possibility just in case with odds of 7 to 1. When it comes to losing in the first round of the playoffs, the online casino offers odds of 19 to 5.

The possibility that the Heat will get knocked out in the second round receives odds of 5-2, and an exit in the conference finals is currently a 2 to 1 shot. This team was built to go all the way and based on the roster that Riley has assembled they have a pretty good chance of making it. The online casino rates the Heat’s chances of making it into the playoffs 7-2. Making it to the NBA finals and winning it is a whole different story all together. In the event they do actually end up making it to the finals, the online casino gives them 4 to 1 odds of winning the championship.

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