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Artest Rumors Intrigue Online Casino Bettors

This is the time of year when teams usually admit their mistakes and try to correct them before it’s too late. As we usually do here at Online Casino Archives, we intend to go over some of the hottest rumors making the rounds these days. Yesterday, we discussed the possibility mentioned in most online casino sports circles these days, which is that Artest is on the move. Judging by comments made by Indiana’s players over the past few days, it seems that the team should favorably consider moving him even before the trade deadline.

Here at Online Casino Archives we hear that numerous GM’s around the league have been fielding calls to the Pacers in order to gauge their interest in a possible trade. Online casino sports analysts say that among the teams making bids for the disgruntled star are the Knicks, Lakers and Golden State. Isiah Thomas has said that he wouldn’t give up any of the New York’s core of young players for Artest, which automatically takes the Knicks out of the running. The Lakers will be willing to part with Lamar Odem to get Artest, but it’s unlikely that the Pacers will bite.

So far, the Warriors are the team that according to online casino odds makers could offer Indiana the most attractive package. Golden State could offer the Pacers a package comprised of Mike Dunleavy and Mickael Pietrus. Indian might insist on Jason Richardson, but I doubt that Mullin would cave in to including him in any proposed deal. Bottom line, it’s virtually impossible for the Pacers to get equal value for Artest if they do in fact plan to trade him.

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