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Online Casino Handicappers Adjust to Brown’s Coaching Style

Online casino sports fans that have followed Larry Brown for as long as I have must have noticed a drastic change in Brown’s coaching style this year. I don’t remember another time in his coaching career that Brown has let rookies play so many minutes. Online casino bettors can recall how in Detroit, Brown refused to give any playing time to Darko Milicic, and he was at the time the second pick in the draft. Online casino fans may also recall how in the Olympics, Brown hardly gave any minutes to LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, who just completed their first season in the league.

However, there is a big difference between the team he has in New York and the one he had in Detroit. The Pistons were title contenders while New York isn’t. Brown knows that his main goal for the season is show a vast improvement from last year. No online casino bookmaker expects the Knicks to win the championship this season. If they make it into the playoffs, that would a monumental achievement in itself. You want proof that Brown is giving more minutes to rookies than ever before? He got two of them staring; need I say more?

Another reason why rookies are geeing playing time in New York has a lot to do with the fact that the Knicks don’t have anyone better at that position. According to online casino handicappers, Channing Frye is the Knicks most productive power forward. Moreover, he is their best low post player. Nate Robinson is their best defensive guard. Aside from serving as a sparkplug, Robinson is electrifying to watch. The guy is everywhere out there. In short, what Brown has done so far with the Knicks is a testament to why he is one of the greatest coaches that have ever coached this game. He knows how to fit the system to the players and not the other way around, like most online casino experts think.

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