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Online Casino Bookmakers Favor Dallas

Los Angeles and Dallas have provided some memorable moments for online casino fans over the years. The Mavericks are riding a four-games winning steak heading into tonight’s game against the Lakers who have won four of their last five games. Actually, LA was riding a four-game winning streak of their own, which ended in Minnesota on Saturday. So far, all the leading online casino bookmakers are going with the Mavs as the favorites to win the game, setting the spread at 7.5 points in their favor. Can the Lakers stage an upset and beat Dallas at home? – Online casino handicappers say no.

There are a number of determining factors that guided online casino odds makers as they set the belling line. First of all, all the wins experienced by the Lakers during their four-game winning streak were at the expense of either mediocre teams such as Milwakee and Chicago or below .500 teams as Toronto and Charlotte. Online casino odds makers have also taken under consideration the fact that LA is in the midst of a six-game road trip. In fact, this is the 5th straight game they playing on the road, so the fatigue is starting to take its toll. This was the case in Minnesota, where the Wolves were able to limit LA to just 82 points.

Smush Parker has emerged as a key contributor for the Lakers this season. In three of their last four wins, Parker scored at double digits. In LA’s loss on Saturday, Parker was scoreless. This means that if LA stands any chance of winning tonight’s game, they need to get Parker going again. Online casino bookmakers view perimeter defense as of Dallas’ strong suite, which is something that might hinder the Los Angeles’ chances since the bulk of the scoring is provided by the guards and the wing players.

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