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Online Casino Bookmakers Reveal Interesting Betting Patterns

Nothing is perfect in life, well except for the Indianapolis Colts. So far this season, the Indianapolis Colts have managed to stay perfect maintaining their unblemished record of 12-0. The Colts remain one of the hottest betting topics at online casino sites all over the internet. This week the Colts will be taking their act to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars. Currently, the point spread set by most online casino bookmakers ranges between 8.5 and 10 points in favor of the Colts. Last week, the Colts torched the helpless Titans 35-3, and the week before that they managed to beat the Steelers by 19 points.

In light of this, it looks like they won’t have any particular trouble covering a spread of 8.5 points. Are the Colts a team of destiny? Are they destined to follow in the footsteps of the Miami Dolphins who finished 16-0 and went on to win the Super Bowl? This is the question on the minds of online casino odds makers as they set the betting line. Some online casino sites give the Colts -160 odds of losing at least one game by the end of the regular season. This means that you stand to win $10 for every $16 you wager in case it does happen.

Online casino bookmakers report that approximately 78% of all wagers so far have been in favor of the Colts finishing the regular season with a perfect record. When it comes to their Super Bowl hopes, online casino bookmakers report that only 30% of the wagers so far have been in favor of the Colts winning the championship. This is a bit surprising considering the fact that they are expected to finish the season undefeated. Another surprising statistics reported by online casino bookmakers indicates that only 32% of the bets were in favor of the Colts even making it to the Super Bowl.

What gives? Judging by the betting patterns, it seems that online casino bettors are convinced of the Colts dominance in the regular season, yet they are apprehensive when it comes to how well they’ll do in the playoffs.

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