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Bad Week for Online Casino Bookmakers

The online casino term “covering the spread” always applies to the team favorite to win. It indicates the deficit in terms of points scored. For instance, a point spread of 7 points means that the favorite team needs to defeat the team it’s playing by more than 7 points in order to cover the spread given by online casino oddsmakers. Generally, online casino bettors tend to bet on the team favorite to win. It holds less of a risk, therefore less return.

Week 13 in the NFL was a perfect example of how such a betting pattern can pay off at the online casino. This week, the online casino industry has had to pay out millions to winning sports bettors from all over the world who wagered that the favorites will cover the spread. Week 13 saw twelve favorites covering the spread out of the 16 games held over the weekend. Needless to say that this was one of the worst weeks that online casino bookmakers have had in quite some time now.

Some online casino bookmakers have gone as far as naming it ‘Black Sunday’. Tony Munnelly, Sports Interaction Online Casino spokesman explains, “It’s very unusual to see that many favourites cover at any one weekend, especially in this era of parity,” added Munnelly. “I’m happy for our customers, they won their money fair and square and good luck to them. But when I’m writing my letter to Santa later this week I’m going to ask for some underdogs to starting biting, before I end up on standing on the street corner wearing a red hat and ringing a bell”.

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