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Online Casino Sets the Spread Higher

Often the betting line available at the online casino seems out of touch with reality. In the case of the San Antonio Spurs, online casino bettors who put their money on the Spurs have seen their share of disappointments. The team struggles to cover the spread given by online casino odds makers. If that is true than why do online casino handicappers insist on giving the Spurs spreads of 9 ½ , 10, 11 and even 13 like they have in the Spurs last 5 games?

The answer to that is rather simple and it goes something like this: the last time I checked the Spurs were still world champions. Online casino odds maker purposely set the point spread higher, because setting it lower might result in an outburst of one-sided wagers on the favorite team. It makes a lot of sense because people are leaning to wager on the favorite regardless, so by setting the point spread higher the online casino balances the amount of wagers placed on each of the teams.

You have got to understand that the oddsmakers work for the online casino and their job is to make sure that the online casino stays profitable. By setting the spread higher the odds maker creates a dilemma for the online casino bettor which would not have happened otherwise. Online casino sports bettors are expecting the Spurs to run pass their opponents. If the point spread was lower everyone would want to wager on the Spurs.

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