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Mavs and Pacers Square-Of at the Online Casino

Everyday, online casino sports fan gets the chance to wager on their favorite sports teams, and today is no exception. Among the most exciting games on today schedule, the Dallas Mavericks travel to Indianapolis to face the Pacers. In the eyes of online casino handicappers, these two teams represent two distinct styles of play. The Mavs are a team that likes to run and resort to a run and gun type of offense since it suites the talents of the players on the team. They don’t really have a low post player, which is why they run every chance they get.

The Pacers on the other hand is a team that loves to run half court sets and capitalize on strong post players such as Jermaine Oneal and Ron Artest. Online casino odds makers have the Pacers as the favorites to win tonight’s game awarding them with point spread of 5 points. One of the biggest contributors to the team’s success so far this year has been first year point guard Sarunas Jasikevicius. Online casino sports fans are sure to recognize his name from a year ago when the talented Lithuanian led his national team to an impressive win over the US Olympic team in Athens.

Today’s game has already drawn a lot of interest in online casino sites, as fans view both teams as two of the leading contenders to represent their respective conferences in this year’s Finals. On top of betting on the point spread, online casino gamblers can also wager on the total. Currently, the leading online casino sites set it between 178 and 187. Given the both teams are regarded as above average defensive squads (who’d ever thought we would be saying that on the Mavericks?). So odds may lean in favor of a low scoring game.

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