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Online Casino Sees Reasons for Optimism in NY

The Knicks dropped to 5-11 after losing on the road to the Boston Celtics, as online casino handicappers expected. Any other coach other than Larry Brown (with the exception of Phil Jackson) would have gotten booed by the Madison Square Garden Faithfuls. The reason why Brown is getting leeway from online casino sports fans is the fact that the Knicks are improving. Even though they are miles away from resembling a playoff team, New York is showing signs of improvement. Online casino oddsmakers take into account that the Knick are playing without their starting center Eddy Curry. Once Curry joins the lineup again, you can expect Channing Frye to move to the four spot.

Isiah Thomas is not getting nearly all the credit he deserves for the excellent draft he had. Aside from Frye, the Knicks were also able to pick up two key contributors in Nate Robinson and David Lee. Last season, Thomas received a lot of criticism from online casino sports experts for pulling the trigger on a trade that brought Malik Rose and his inflated contract to the Knicks. These online casino have overlooked the fact that Thomas also got a first round draft choice which he was able to convert to David Lee, who almost every general manager in the league is trying to get his hands on.

On paper, the Knicks has one of the best front lines in the league. Unfortunately for New York, you can’t win games on paper. However, every online casino sports expert is in agreement that the Knicks will be playing much better comes March and April. No matter where he went, Larry Brown made a winner out of every team he coached. He got the Clippers to the playoffs for Christ sakes! He should be able to do the same for the Knicks.

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