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Online Casino Suggests Ways to Fix Celtics

One of the main reasons why the Boston Celtics are off to one of the worst starts in team’s history is the fact that they keep turning the ball over. Any online casino odds maker will tell you that a high ratio of turnover indicates that the team doesn’t have a true point guard, someone to set up high quality shots. Online casino handicappers are attributing the turnovers to the fact that the team doesn’t have a true point guard, when the in all actuality it does. Many online casino sports fans are not aware of the fact that Dan Dicau is the second highest celebrated to come out of Gonzaga after John Stockton.

If you’ve watched him play in college, you would have noticed that the guy is a natural leader on the court, capable of setting shots to other players and scoring at will. Dan spent his first year in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks where he saw little playing time. His second stop was with the Mavericks, where he also didn’t get quality time on the court. Dicau finally got his shot in New Orleans last year where he got to start for the Hornets. Dicau responded with a breakout year for which he received consideration for Most Improved Player.

This offseason, Dicau and the Hornets parted ways after the team selected Chris Paul in the draft. Dicau then signed with the Celtics as a free agent, where he has been spending most of his time on the bench. To many online casino enthusiasts Dicau reminds a lot of Steve Nash who was also less than spectacular his first few seasons. So far this season, Delonte West got the starting nod from head coach Doc Rivers. West is what online casino sports experts refer to as a classic tweener. On the one hand, he is too short to play the shooting guard position. On the other he lacks the mentality of a true point guard. West is a combo guard that would be best utilized coming off the bench.

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