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Online Casino Covers Johnson’s Return to Phoenix

the most publicized events of the offseason. Today, online casino sports fans will have a chance to see how well Johnson fares up against his former team as the Suns play host to the Hawks later tonight. Many online casino sports bettors were puzzled by the Suns decision to trade Johnson. In retrospect, even online casino handicappers will have to agree that Phoenix has done the right thing. Actually, Johnson was the one that made the decision for them. The Suns were on the verge of matching, when Johnson asked them not to.

Online casino odds makers were in agreement that the Hawks got the better end of that deal, to which I respectfully disagree. In addition to saving them $70, the Suns also got two additional assents as a result of making the trade. First of all, they got a future first round choice, which by all indication is going to be a lottery pick. Second, they got Boris Diaw a multidimensional player capable of playing all five positions on the court. Johnson is nothing more than a glorified 3-points marksman. He is not really a point guard and he doesn’t really attack the basket a lot.

As expected the online casino point spread for the game was set to 12 in favor of the Suns. For Johnson it will be an interesting homecoming as he’ll face a disgruntled Suns crowd that once embraced him as one of their own. Don’t get me wrong, Johnson is not having a bad season statistically. He is averaging more than 18 points a contest, but so are other players in this league who are not getting paid in the excess of $70.

My criticism is not directed personally towards Johnson, I have no bones to pick with him what so ever. As a player, he has an interest to get maximum dollars. The Hawks have chosen to overpay talent just to get them into Atlanta. This is a very bad strategy because if you pay for mediocre players you won’t have any money to throw at the really good players.

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