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Online Casino Sets the Stage for a Texas Showdown

The Spurs against the Mavericks, what more could online casino sports fans want? Dallas has become a popular bet at the online casino. No one, not even online casinos odds makes, figured just how good the Mavericks would be at the start of the season. There is a lot of mutual history between these two teams. Michael Finley and Nick Van Excel will get a chance to go against their former team for the second time this year. It’s not just former players competing against their old teammates, it’s also ex-players turned coaches. Avery Johnson is coaching against the team he once won a title with.

The first time the two teams met this season was at San Antonio, where the Mavs shocked the Spurs beating them 104-93. Today’s game will be held in Dallas and online casino sports fans can bet their asses the Spurs will be looking for revenge. Teams are always looking to make statements, regardless of what time of the season it is. The Mavericks know that whoever ends up representing the West will probably have to go through San Antonio first. The game has already created a lot of hype at online casino site, being declared as a possible preview for the Western Conference Finals.

Online casino odds makers have set the betting line to 2.5 points in favor of the Spurs who will be playing on the road. These two teams have already demonstrated over the years that home court advantage doesn’t mean squat. I remember Dallas arrives to this game after suffering a crushing loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in overtime. The Spurs on the other hand won their last game, which was held at home against the Lakers.

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