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Online Casino Game of the Day

Online casino sports fan are sure to remember the triple overtime game between the Nets and the Pistons that took place two years ago in the playoffs. New Jersey ended up losing the series, while Detroit moved ahead to win the championship. Online casino sports betting sites are aware of the fact that there is no love loss between these two teams. If you remember, last season Chauncey Billups inadvertently pushed Richard Jefferson going up for a lay up, causing Jefferson to miss the better part of the season. Today, the two teams meat again at the Meadowlands, where the visiting Pistons are listed as 4-point favorites by online casinos oddsmakers.

The Nets are returning home after a 5-game road trip in which they dropped the first three games, and won the last two. Even though the Nets are playing at home, a place where they won two in a row, online casinos odds makers have taken into account that the team has played 5 games in 7 nights. This means that you can expect some fatigue on the part of the Nets. Since some much of New Jersey’s offense is predicated on running, online casino oddsmakers predict that having tiered legs will definitely prevent them from doing much of that, not to mention the suffocating Pistons defense.

The Pistons on the other hand are arriving to this game well-rested, after not having played for the past three days. Online casino handicappers have obviously taken note to the fact that so far this season Detroit is a perfect 3-0 when playing after three days of rest. The Nets have been dwelling in mediocrity ever since the season started. Online casino bettors had big expectations for the Nets after the impressive way they finished last season, and especially since all three of their stars are all healthy.

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