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Low Scoring Translates into Big Online Casino Payday

One of the most common types of sports bets available at the online casino is the over/under bet. The online casino betting line lists a number (called ‘total’) indicating the number of combined points scored by both teams (common in football and basketball). Online casinos players then have the choice of either betting over or under the amount of points determined by the online casino odds makers. When making your decision, one must factor the offensive and defensive prowess of both teams.

For instance, if both teams are known to light it up on the offensive end then you can bet that it would be a high scoring game. This might tilt the online casino odds in favor of betting on over (depending on the total specified by the online casino). Let’s get down to business, who are the teams that you can expect a low scoring output from? The first team that comes to mind is the Utah Jazz who lost their leading scorer Andrei Kirilenko a couple of weeks ago and are still missing their starting power forward Carlos Boozer.

The Jazz are scoring 85 points on average and online casino players were treated to four under paydays in the last seven games the Jazz have played. Another team that struggles to put points on the board is the Houston Rockets. With so many injuries to key players the Rockets are not getting it done on the offensive. Come to think of it, offense has never been a strong suite of Jeff Van Gundy coached team. You can count on the fact that online casino odds makers factor in Huston anemic bench production when delivering the line.

OCA News Editor