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Online Casino Posts Odds on Thanksgiving Games

Every year, families gather all over America to eat turkey and watch football. In the spirit of the holiday, online casino sites all over the internet join the festivities by offering their betting line on the games. Like any other year, the NFL features two games on Thanksgiving Day. For online casino fans, Thanksgiving is like a second Christmas. This passing Sunday marked week 11 of the NFL season. Usually, there are no games during the week other than the ones on Sunday and Monday. This week, online casinos players are treated to three days of exciting football action.

The first game on Thanksgiving Day will be taking place on 12:30 PM ET between the Atlanta Falcons who will face the Detroit Lions. The second game is scheduled to start on 16:15 ET, featuring the Dallas Cowboys who will be hosting the Denver Broncos. So far all the major online casino sites that offer sports gambling, have already posed their betting lines. It appears that the Falcons are the favorites over the Lions, while the Broncos get the nod over the Cowboys. In both games, online casino odds makers have decided to go with the visiting teams.

At this time, the moneyline offered by Bodog online casino, shows that Atlanta gets -170 where as the Lions are +150. This means that a successful bet on the Falcons will yield $10 for every $17 wagered. On the other hand, wagering on the Cowboys will earn you a $15 return for every $10 wagered. For the second game, we decided to see what another online casino by the name of Bet on Sports has to offer. The online casino gives Denver -130 odds, while Dallas gets +110.

OCA News Editor