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Hornets Sting Online Casino Odds Makers

So far this season, the most surprising team has been the Hornets, which was relocated from New Orleans to Oklahoma City due to Hurricane Katrina. Online casino odds makers have been stung by the Hornets time and again. Coming into the season, many online casino handicappers have named the Hornets as the weakest team in the league. Online casinos have listed the Hornets as underdogs in almost every game that they have played so far this season. With the odds against them Byron Scott’s team has risen to the challenge and proven everyone wrong.

Currently, the Hornets have a 4-6, which is far better than what online casino odds makers have predicted. Upon a closer examination of the schedule, I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of their wins came at the expense of below .500 teams such as Atlanta, Orlando and Sacramento. Nonetheless, online casino handicappers have failed to give Scott a lot credit for getting these guys playing as hard as they can, considering all the turmoil they faced I the off season.

The key contributors so far have been David West and Chris Paul, their first round draft choice. The team has also received big contributions from veterans P.J. Brown and Speedy Claxton. The Hornets are going up against Minnesota tonight. As usual, online casino sites have listed then once again as the underdogs. Will they be able to rise to the occasion once again? This is one game where you can expect a lot of online casino players to bet against the line.

OCA News Editor