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Jazz Playing to Same Tune at the Online Casino

With only three games on the schedule today, it’s slim picking at the online casino. Sports betting fans will surely pay attention the game between the Utah Jazz who will be hosting the Milwaukee Bucks in Sault Lake City. Online casinos that have already posted odds on this game are leaning towards the Bucks as the favorites. Historically, road teams have had a tough time playing in Utah given that much like Denver it takes a while to get used to the thin air. Even though the online casino ranks lists them the underdogs, you can always count on a Jerry Sloan team to pay to the maximum of its ability.

Most of the online casino sites we have checked currently have the point spread set at 5 and a half points. This means that if you are betting on Milwaukee, you better pray that they beat the Jazz by more than 5 points for you to get paid by the online casino. On the other hand, if you like the Jazz chances, you would want for them to lose by less than 5 points or win the game in order to make good on your bet.

For Jazz fans, this season looks a lot similar to last year when Utah had a great start in the first 5 games, but then their season got derailed as a result of injuries. Given Boozer has yet to play one game so far this season and the fact that Kirileko recently got injured, it’s easy to see why online casino odds makers have decided to go against the Jazz tonight.

OCA News Editor