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Online Casino Buzzing as Hughes Faces His Old Team

Today’s NBA betting action at the online casino features a highly anticipated game between Washington and Cleveland. There is always a lot of hype at online casinos whenever two teas that have a mutual history meet. When Larry Hughes left the Wizards to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, online casino odds makers figured that it would be a step down for Washington who has made a lot of progress last season, making it into the playoffs for the first time in years. Over the summer, the Wizards dealt Kwame Brown to the Lakers in exchange to Caron Butler.

So far this season, online casino odds makers have been proven to be wrong. Butler numbers are better than Hughes’ despite the fact that he is coming off the bench while Hughes is starting. Butler is averaging more than 17 points and 5 rebounds in comparison to Hughes’ 15 points and 4 rebounds. In this sense, not only have the Wizards haven’t missed a bit from last year, they have actually been able to take a step forward. The 5-1 Wizards are off to their best start years, while the 5-2 Caves aren’t that far behind. This means that punters will be facing quite the conundrum before placing their bet at the online casino.

Both teams are coming into tonight’s match up after winning their last game. Washington had an impressive win over the San Antonio Spurs, while Cleveland managed to defeat Orlando in overtime. This is not the first time that the two teams have met since Hughes left the Wizards. Cleveland defeated Washington 116-94 in a preseason game held in October. So far, most online casino sites we have checked are listing the Caves as the favorites to win tonight’s game. Since they are playing at home, the online casino odds should be at their favor. However, the Wizards are a better overall team with better depth.

OCA News Editor