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Online Casino Lists Eagles as Favorites

Monday night football is one of the busiest days at online casino sites all over the web. This week’s match up also promises to create a lot of buzz at online casinos, since it involves a heated rivalry between two teams that play in the NFC East. For the second week in a row, the Philadelphia Eagles will again be without the suspended Terrell Owens. This week they’ll be hosting the Dallas Cowboys, a team they lost to a few weeks ago. Think what you wish of him, Owens remains one of the best wide receivers in the NFL today. Even with Owns out online casino sites are still leaning in favor of the Eagles who are listed as the favorites to win tonight’s game.

Online casino fans can place their wager on either the point spread, moneyline or total. Currently, the point spread given by Bodog Online Casino stands at 3. If you plan on betting on the Eagles, you need for them to beat Dallas by more than 3 points in order to cover the spread. The online casino also offers the option of betting on the moneyline. At this time, wagering on the Eagles will yield $10 for every $14 wagered at the online casino (-140). Since the Cowboys are the underdogs, they are getting more favorable odds. The moneyline posed by the online casino indicates +120 odds on the Cowboys, which translates into $12 return for every $10 investment.

The online casino also allows sports fans to wager on the total, which is currently 40 and a half. The Eagles offense is not as potent as it used to be last year and now with Owens out, Mcnabb has fewer options.

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