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Online Casino Releases Week 10 NFL Odds

With week 9 officially in the books, online casino sites are looking forward to week 10 sports gambling action in the NFL. The Giants have been somewhat of a sure bet at online casinos during the past few weeks. The team will be hosting the struggling Minnesota Vikings team lead by Brad Johnson at the quarterback position who is subbing for Donte Culpepper who is out for the season. Even with Culpepper in the line up online casino sites will not have given the Vikings any real shot at winning the game. Currently, i-Sportsbook online casino has the G-men as -10 favorites to win the game.

If you choose to go with the Giants, you need them to win by more then ten points for you to be able to cash your winnings at the online casino. On the other hand, if you are cheering for an upset, you’ll need the Vikings to lose by less than 10 points in order to win your bet. The online casino also offers NFL fans the opportunity to gamble on the total. As moment, the online casino lists 45 as the number of combined points scored by both teams. You have to decide whether you are betting on game’s total being lower than 45 or higher.

The Giants high powered offense puts a lot of points on the board, especially when they are playing at home. It’s definitely reasonable for them to put more than 30 points on the board come Sunday. On the other hand, the Vikings offensive line is a total and utter mess. Just to give you an example of how bad they are, before Culpepper got hurt he only managed to complete 2 touchdown passes for the entire season. With Brad Johnson at the helm, odds makers for the online casino don’t expect things to improve significantly. Even though, the Vikings are coming off a win over the Detroit Lions in week 9, I would be surprised to say the least if Minnesota is able to score more than 14 points.

OCA News Editor