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Monday’s NBA Betting Line at the Online Casino

The young NBA season is picking up the pace as some of the teams begin to assert themselves as real contenders. Bodog online casino has posted the odds for most of the games scheduled for tonight. Currently, the online gambling site only offers punters the opportunity to bet on the point spread. The game between the New Jersey Nets and the Miami Heat has so far drawn the most interest from online casinos players. The Heat who will be playing at home are favored by the online casino to win the game, despite playing without the injured Shaq.

The point spread currently stands on -3.5 in favor of the Heat. This means that betting on the Heat’s win at the online casino will require them to beat the Nets by more than 3 points n order for you to make good on your bet. The added half point implies that there will be no situation for a push or a tie in the event the Heat beat them by 3 points exactly. If you plan to be on the Nets, you need them to lose by less than 3 points or win the game in order to collect your winning at the online casino.

The payout offered by the online casino depends on the team. In case you choose to go with the underdog Nets, you stand to earn $20 for every $23 you wager in case the Head don’t cover the spread. Alternatively, betting that the Heat will be able to cover the spread will award you $20 for every $21 wagered at the online casino.

OCA News Editor