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How to Play the National Lottery

The National Lottery is the most popular lottery game in the UK. We’ve compiled several helpful resources in one convenient play to help you get started. Let us show you how to pick numbers, buy tickets and collect winnings.

Step 1: Solo or Multiplayer

The National Lottery can be played alone or with a group of friends and even strangers from around the world.  Whichever way you choose to play, you’re going to have a great time.

Pick your way to play and when you’re ready, move on to the number selection section.

Step 2: Picking Your Numbers

The National Lottery is a 6-ball lottery in which a selection of 6 numbers is made from a field of 1-49. Players have the option to select their own numbers or utilize RNG software to select random numbers for their tickets. Remember, the order in which numbers are drawn is irrelevant. All that matters is you match as many from your ticket to those drawn as possible.

After that is taken care of, buying tickets is next.

Step 3: Purchasing Tickets

National Lottery tickets can be bought using multiple methods. Tickets can be bought online and in-person. Those tickets bought online will likely be more expensive and usually require players to buy more than one ticket at a time. Tickets bought at a retail store will be cheaper, but lack the convenience of being able to buy tickets from home.

Tickets bought online are usually done so through a ticket concierge, like The Lotter. Ticket denominations include including 3-line, 5-line and 7-line arrangements.

Purchasing from retail locations is usually cut off around an hour before the actual draw takes place. Double check with your retail or online ticket service providers to be sure you can get your tickets on time.

Step 4: The Draw

The National Lottery draw happens twice a week every Wednesday at 22:30 GMT and Saturday evening at 20:30 GMT. The six numbers will be drawn and with any luck, you’ll be one of the big cash prize winners.

There are 6 total prize divisions, including the lotto raffle that rewards 50 players with a £20,000 prize. Everyone is automatically entered into this game when purchasing National Lottery tickets. A minimum jackpot amount of over £11,000,000 is guaranteed every week.

Step 5: What to do When You’ve Won

Your odds of winning any level of prize are 1:54, and should you find that you’ve won a prize, you’ll have to claim the winnings before the claim deadline is reached, or risk losing it all.

If you do win a prize you’ll have a few options when it comes to claiming your money. How and where you bought your National Lottery tickets will also influence how to claim your cash.

You’ll likely be able to claim up to around £1,000 in cash on-site from a retailer. However, larger sums will most likely need a completed claim form to be mailed or handed in in-person.

Online ticketing services like The Lotter can award players up to £2,500 directly into a player’s account using an electronic transfer. Larger prizes will require a claim form to be completed and may even require a player to travel to the ticket purchase location to make their claim in-person.

Regulations may vary from retailer to retailer or between online ticket sellers, so it is best to contact the jurisdiction from which the ticket was purchased and get the definitive rule for that location.

Winners are pressed for time to claim a winning once it is clear they have a cash prize with their name on it.  The district where tickets were initially purchased will have the final word on how long you will have to claim the prize. Check with them or the ticketing concierge service utilized online to confirm the deadline.

Prizes are awarded as one, tax-free lump sum.

The National Lottery

Far and away the most popular lottery game in the UK, the National Lottery makes millionaires regularly. With a seed of just under £12 million, there is no shortage of high hopes in those playing for a jackpot, but don’t forget about the other 5 prize divisions and the Raffle that awards 50 participants with £20,000 each. You can buy National Lottery tickets before the next draw, in-person or online using a ticket concierge like The Lotter.


December 2022

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