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How to Play EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker

The EuroMillions lottery and UK Millionaire Maker are popular all over the thanks to jackpots that offer tens of millions in cash prizes weekly. Because these lotteries gets so much attention from players, we’ve put together a series of helpful resources to show you how to pick numbers, buy tickets and collect winnings.

Step 1: Solo or Multiplayer

The EuroMillions lottery and UK Millionaire Maker are a combination of two numbers games that can be enjoyed on your own by buying a few or several tickets with multi-draw and subscription services.

The games are exciting and when you’ve chosen your method of play, it’s time to talk numbers.

Step 2: Picking Your Numbers

The EuroMillions lotto is a 7-ball lottery consisting of five normal numbers and two lucky stars. The five regular numbers are chosen first from a field of 1-50, with two additional numbers chosen from 1-10. The UK Millionaire Maker is a supplemental game that adds an additional opportunity to win cash prizes.

Select your own numbers or use RNG software provided at retail and online ticketing locations for a selection of completely random lotto numbers. Keep in mind that the order of numbers as they are drawn isn’t important, only that you create matching numbers during the draw.

Once you have your approach to numbers in mind, you can move on to buying tickets.

Step 3: Purchasing Tickets

EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker tickets can be bought in a variety of ways. Tickets bought online will be more expensive and usually require players to buy more than one ticket at a time. They are less expensive when purchased at a retail location.

Players may buy tickets by line in several variations, including 3-line, 5-line and systematic arrangements. For those who don’t know, systematic tickets allow players to select 8-11 numbers  and then generate all possible combinations, resulting in hundreds of potentially winning tickets.

Tickets can be bought until the cut-off deadline prior to the next draw. Cut off times might be different from retailer to retailer or with online ticket service providers.

Step 4: The Draw

The EuroMillions lottery and UK Millionaire Maker draw happens twice a week every Tuesday and Friday evening at 20:00 GMT. Five normal numbers are drawn from a field of 1-50, while the two lucky stars drawn from a field of 1-10.

There are 13 different prize divisions in the UK EuroMillions, with a minimum jackpot amount of over £11,000,000.

There are 13 levels of prizes to be won in the EuroMillions lottery game and the UK Millionaire Maker offers yet another opportunity to become and instant millionaire. Your odds of winning any level of prize begin at 1:23.

Should you be the winner of a prize, there are a few options when it comes to claiming your prize. How you purchased your tickets will influence how you are able to claim lottery prizes. Land-based retailers can payout players up to around £1,000 on-site, while larger sums will likely require a winner fill out a claim form and retrieve their winnings in-person.

Tickets bought online are able to be cashed for larger amounts through most ticketing services, like The Lotter, which can automatically transfer £2,500 to a player’s account. Prizes of a higher denomination will likely require a claim form as well, with the possibility a player must claim their winnings in-person. The lottery headquarters where your ticket was purchased will have the definitive answer depending on your prize division, or you can confirm the regulations with your online ticketing agent.

Winners will have a grace period to claim their winnings before those funds are returned to the lottery.  This deadline may also depend from where your ticket was purchased. Check with the region’s lottery headquarters from where your tickets were purchased or you’re or the online ticketing service for the deadline. Winnings not claimed in time will be returned to the lottery.

Prizes are awarded as one, tax-free lump sum.

The EuroMillions Lottery and UK Millionaire Maker

The EuroMillions Lottery and UK Millionaire Maker are popular throughout the UK thanks to guaranteed seven-figure jackpots and thirteen prize divisions.  Revenue from all associated games throughout the region are pooled to create these prizes, and the more it’s played, the bigger the prizes can climb.

You can buy tickets online before the next draw in-person or online using a ticket concierge like The Lotter.


December 2022

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